Unitra Jaya is committed to providing a full set of uPVC solutions to the industry. In alignment to this, we offer a comprehensive range of services to complement our extensive range of PVC products. We pride ourselves in our in-house service of engineering PVC solutions from the drawing block right up to the finished product, thus saving our customers the hassle of having to liaise with multiple parties.

Some services that we provide:
  • PVC welding for puddle flanges, chemical processing tanks, PVC trough trays and most thermoplastics materials
  • Customisation and fabrication of uPVC pipes and fittings that are commercially unavailable
  • In-house training of new welders in the use of welding machines and welding skills¬†
  • Leasing and sale of jointing equipment for most thermoplastics systems
  • Servicing and repair of welding machines
Some recent landmark projects of our direct involvement:


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